Open Air Fire Permits

Open Air Fire Permits

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Open Air Fire Permits
Lee Laframboise Fire Chief - Shawville Clarendon Fire Department

Lee Laframboise

Fire Chief

Shawville Clarendon Fire Department

192 Rue Centre,
QC J0X 2Y0

Open Air Fires

Open air fires are permitted with a burn permit


For information  on burning permits regulation, contact the Clarendon Municipal office

C427 Route 148

C.P. 777

Clarendon (Quebec)

J0X 2Y0


Fax: 819-647-3822

Open Air Fires By-Law

BY-LAW # 001-05-2014 = OPEN AIR FIRES
1. ALL OPEN AIR fires are prohibited from May 1 to October 31
2. It is prohibited to start an open fire in the Municipality of Clarendon without a burning permit that
has been obtained from the municipality.
3. Burning permits may be refused if climate conditions or site of fire may not be suitable for burning.
4. Permits may be revoked at any time.
5. Out of control fires and total extinguishing costs will be charged to the owner.
6. Out of control fires started with or without a permit, will be subject to a fine of $100.00 plus the
total cost of extinguishing the fire.
7. The owner or occupant of any land on which a fire is lighted or originates shall be deemed to be
the person responsible for setting such fire, and shall incur the penalties provided for such offence.
8. This permit does not allow you to burn anything but unprocessed wood. Not allowed i.e. furniture,
appliances, carpet, shingles, tires etc…
9. All burning permits are numbered sequentially.
10. The present by-law abrogates in every respect any other previous versions dealing with the topic
and will have precedence over all other previous provisions contrary to this By-Law.
11. This present by-law will come into force according to law.

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